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I’m a Computer Science student. Currently Pursuing 4th year BE Under Graduation in GTU.


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Student At S. N. Patel Institute of Technology & Research Centre

A Software Engineer With a Demonstrated History Of working In The computer software industry. I Am a Google Developer Student Club Lead [2022-2023] At My Collage. Skilled in Python, C /C++, Css, HTML, JavaScript, and RESTful WebServices. Strong engineering professional with a Pursuing Bachelor's degree focused in Computer Science & Engineering From GTU, GUJARAT.

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Work Experience


Image Google Developer Student Club-Lead @Google

Image Microsoft Engage Intern 2022 @ Microsoft, Bangalore

Image Google DSC WoW Gujarat Organizer @ GDSC, India

Image Future Ready Talent @ Microsoft, India

Image Graphic Designer/Video Editor @ Freelancing

My Projects


Ceremo - Event Management

Ceremo is one stop, one solution an event management platform(Android-IOS App) that allows you to easily and quickly find artists, music directors, decorators, DJs, and more. It functions similarly to popular apps like Amazon, Flipkart, Swiggy, and Zomato by collecting items from local businesses. This benefits both local and online shops, increasing efficiency and improving local business. Ceremo offers features such as secure payments, data security, Messaging notifications and basic features like high ratings and fast service. Also, it consists of everything, basic features, Authentication, etc. in this project I used Flutter as frontend and Firebase as backend also I used some cloud services that makes very efficient and fast.


Weather App

The Flutter weather app fetches real-time weather data using APIs to provide accurate information for the user's location or any searched location. It displays current weather conditions and offers a forecast for upcoming days. Users can search for weather information in different locations and switch between unit systems. The app also includes weather alerts for severe conditions, geolocation, visually appealing weather icons, dynamic background images, and offline support. The app integrates with weather APIs, displays current and forecasted weather, offers location search and geolocation, unit conversion options, weather icons, alerts, dynamic backgrounds, and offline support.


Social Media Scheduler
[Flutter Firebase]

The Social Media Scheduler app simplifies social media management by providing a platform where users can create, edit, and schedule posts, manage multiple social media accounts, and view analytics and insights. Key features include user registration and account integration, content creation, post scheduling, content management, analytics and insights, notifications and reminders, and settings and preferences. By providing a centralized platform, the app assists users in optimizing their social media strategies and achieving better engagement and reach.


Face Recognition Based
Smart Attendence System

Django web framework is used for the development of the whole web app. OpenCv and face_recognition API's were used for the development of Face Recognizzer. The Face Recognizer can detect multiple face at a time and mark their attendance into Database. The Faculty can also search for attendance of a student using Multiparameter Search, by specifying the student ID, date of attendance, period of Attendance. The credentials for the Faculty are provided by the superuser who has access to the whole database. Only the superuser can update the attendance of a student.


Instagram Clone
[Flutter & Firebase]

Made a social networking app similar to Instagram, there are several essential features that offers users a platform to share their experiences, engage with others, and explore a wide range of content. The combination of user profiles, photo/video uploads, likes/comments, hashtags, direct messaging, push notifications, and search functionality creates a dynamic and engaging social networking experience similar to Instagram.


Jay Chauhan Visual
- A Video Editor

Jay Chauhan Visual [ME] is a freelancer in the industry of graphic Design and has lots of clients And there are so many services available. a Website which Is Introduce the Whole Experience of Journay of Video Editing. and in this project, the Technologies are used HTML CSS JAVASCRIPT. A demo link of this Project Jay Chauhan Visual


Youtube Music/Video

YouTube is very popular video sharing website. Downloading a video from YouTube is a tough job. Downloading the Downloader and get the video using that or go to any other website which fetches the video and saves on your computer. Using Python, this task is very easy. Few lines of code will download the video from YouTube for you. For this, there a python library named as ‘pytube’. pytube is a lightweight, dependency-free Python library which is used for downloading videos from the web.


E-Commerce Website With

Core Idea of Project is to build an sample prototype E-Commerce Website with FAQ Bot for a business company with the help of HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP. The business-to-consumer aspect of product commerce (e-commerce) is the most visible business use of the World Wide Web. The primary goal of sample prototype an e-commerce site is to sell goods online with solving problems of customer speedily via FAQ Bot . This project deals with developing an e-commerce website for Online Product Sale. It provides the user with a catalog of different product available for purchase in the store. In order to facilitate online purchase a shopping cart is provided to the user. We are using Azure Technologies with GitHub to complete this project.


Insta Reel/story

instascrape is a powerful and flexible Instagram scraping library for Python, providing easy-to-use and expressive tools for accessing data programmatically. It can be used for web scraping, data science, and data analyst. In other words, you can scrape the whole profile of the user including stories, highlights, captions, pictures, comments count, view count, etc. It can also scrape JSON, HTML embedded code and can download into your computer in mp3, mp4, jpg, png format. It’s data analytics built using Selenium, Pandas, and other corresponding libraries. For private accounts users, the user must provide the account’s login id and password.

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